Original “Space Jockey” from Ridley Scott’s Alien

This new blog will be dedicated to the Mala’kak – originally called Space Jokeys by Alien fans, and then in the literature Pilots, Mala’kak, and even Ossians. Now they are officially – but probably just temporarily – termed ‘engineers’ by the science experts of the Prometheus ship.

Here we will discuss essentially the phonetics, vocabulary and grammar of the Mala’kak constructed language, as well as its close relationship with Proto-Indo-European and its derived dialects.

As the name of this website implies, we are not obsessed with the so-called canon – which in the case of the Alien universe is becoming more and more blurred with each new work. We intend to develop the Alien/Predator/Prometheus universe fanfiction farther into all kind of unexplored fields. With that aim in mind, we have also opened a section on Dnghu‘s official forum on Indo-European languages, for those of us who like to discuss certain matters over and over and over…

Welcome on board!