A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Prometheus Edition (2012)

After starting this blog, about the language of the so-called ‘Engineers’ in Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus, we realized that ‘Engineer’ or Mala’kak was very near to the Late Indo-European reconstructed in our book A Grammar of Modern Indo-European.

Because of that, we decided to publish a new version, the Prometheus Edition, parallel to our standard grammar, with extra content related to that recreated Proto-Indo-European dialect.

Although the book offers a thorough approach to the language as we know it, this blog will bring updates and further comments to those extra sections. All news on the languages and facts of the Prometheus universe, as well  as on the Alien / Predator, or even Terminator and other related universes, will be posted here.

For discussion in detail, please proceed to the forum on Indo-European Languages.

As all our previous works, the ebook is free, and the printed edition is as cheap as Amazon print-on-demand service allows.