Blade Runner film

A Nexus-6 replicant in Blade Runner.

It seems so, according to Ryan Britt’s article at

According to a bonus feature on the new Steelbook Blu-ray edition of Prometheus the answer is a confirmed yes, there is a connection between the Weyland Corporation and Blade Runner’s Tyrell Corporation [click the link to view], and proof that Blade Runner and the Alien movies take place within the same universe. This is something we’ve been speculating about since before Prometheus was released, thanks to a couple of videos released back in April.

Although there are all kinds of inconsistencies of both universes if taken together – even Alien, Predator and Prometheus franchises have inconsistencies with each other (and with their own material!) – there is nothing that science fiction cannot remake and reinterpret.

I don’t know if that sounds too good to be true, or actually to much for one fiction universe: Aliens, Predators, Engineers, then Terminators and now also Blade Runner?!
This is going to be a complex universe…

Edit (7 Oct 2012): Lauren Davis at io9 also echoes this Prometheus/Alien + Blade Runner news, which apparently began when

Redditor Huxleyism found this entry from Peter Weyland’s journal in the Blu-Ray bonus features, indicating that, in his youth, Weyland knew Dr. Eldon Tyrell and that the two debated the use of biological replicants vs. mechanical androids.