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Prometheus’ Engineer language grammar: A recreated Late Proto-Indo-European language

After starting this blog, about the language of the so-called ‘Engineers’ in Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus, we realized that ‘Engineer’ or Mala’kak was very near to the Late Indo-European reconstructed in our book A Grammar of Modern Indo-European. Because of that, we decided to publish a new version, the Prometheus Edition, parallel to our standard [&hellip

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Schleicher’s Fable In Prometheus’ “Ancient Language” And Proto-Indo-European – A Comparison

According to the Wikipedia: Schleicher’s fable (avis akvāsas ka) is an artificial text composed in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European, published by August Schleicher in 1868. Schleicher was the first scholar to compose a text in PIE. The fable is entitled Avis akvāsas ka (“The Sheep and the Horses”). At later dates, various scholars have published revised [&hellip

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